IPG for Huawei P30 Pro Screen Protector


IPG eliminates the need for bulky cases to protect your possessions from scratches and normal wear-and-tear. Traditional cases can hide your device manufacturers original sleek designs. The extra bulk can also make it feel awkward and prevent it from connecting to docks properly. With IPG, you get full protection with the worlds most durable materials!

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  • Aerospace grade patented material engineered for your specific device wet application
  • IPG’s unique ingredients provide self-healing for your existing scratches
  • Free lifetime replacement warranty for the life of your device. Clear Bubble Free. Easy instantiation
  • Virtually invisible, protects your display from unwanted scratches and repels dust, while reducing signs of daily wear
  • Anti Fingerprint. Not Interfere with Touch screen Technology

NASA Technology On Your Device

With hundreds of designs, IPG is the industry standard for protecting expensive personal electronics. Exceptionally clear, unbelievably thin and virtually indestructible, the film originally designed for the Air Force and NASA to protect headlights and windows of the fighter planes and space shuttle from birds and chondrite (small meteorites). It combines unbeatable scratch protection with aerospace grade, and lets you use your sleek, streamlined electronics without fear of scratches or nicks.

IPG replaces bulky cases and brittle covers as the premiere choice for protecting electronics. IPG’s unique ingredients provide self-healing for your existing scratches. It does not alter the operation of touch-sensitive screens, and still allows for easy docking and interruption-free use.

For best results, please take some time to read the instructions before you install your IPG. The installation is simple, and the results are beautiful!


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