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    • Address: 94 Foster Ave. Rockaway, NJ 89800
    • Phone: 684-990-345-389-5623

    What is IPG

    IPG eliminates the need for bulky cases to protect your possessions from scratches and normal wear-and-tear. Traditional cases can hide your device manufacturers' original sleek designs. The extra bulk can also make it feel awkward and prevent it from connecting to docks properly. With IPG, you get full protection with the world's most durable materials!
    IPG is the latest solution in gadget and device protection. Developed from state-of-the-art film protection technology for U.S Air Force and NASA , IPG will keep your prized-possessions in perfect condition without adding the bulk of traditional cases.

    IPG is made from a clear, thermoplastic urethane film – the toughest of its class. It has the ability to resist the highest level of abrasion, making it the ultimate protection for gadgets and devices. The film’s “self healing” technology makes it immune to scratches and virtually indestructible. Passing numerous OEM tests in the United States, the IPG’s film has been hailed superior in scratch resistance to any other film on the market.

    Our film material also contains a patented acrylic adhesive that separates us from the competition. Unlike other clear film protectors, our extra thin layer provides additional protection against lubricants, oils, UV rays. It is formulated for resistance to ultraviolet light. UV protection helps you see your screen 2X sharper under the sun.


    Some companies may try to sell you screen protectors that come in multiple packs of 5, 10, …or whatever. This just says a lot about their protectors – it’s disposable. With these protectors, you only have one shot for installation, and if you mess up, the screen protector is ruined. Most of these protectors are made from weak plastic that doesn’t really offer real protection. They get scratched and the marks visibly stay on there, leaving your screen looking like it has scratches. Some crack, produce air-bubbles, or change clarity over time.

    IPG is the next generation of film protectors. Film originally designed for the U.S Air Force and NASA to protect head lights and windows of the fighter planes and space shuttle from birds and chondrite (small meteorites). IPG offers true scratch protection. Just try scratching it with your keys. Also IPG’’s “self-healing” technology prevents scratch marks from staying on the film’s surface, keeping its glossy and new look. Now that’s real scratch protection!

    Got some lint caught underneath or improperly aligned the screen protector during installation? While other screen protectors become ruined because of this, IPG is removable, washable, and re-applicable during installation. IPG provides maximum scratch protection like no other. Do not confuse IPG with other screen protectors or knock-offs. There is only one IPG!

    Even we claim that IPG is better than market leader’s product.

    Aerospace grade patented material engineered for your specific device.

    – The clearest and toughest protection film on the market

    – The ultimate scratch-resistant and shock film for your gadgets and devices

    – Adds protection to your gadgets and devices without bulky cases.

    – Keeps the device manufacturers’ original sleek design, virtually invisible.

    – Fingerprint and make-up free

    – It is formulated for resistance to ultraviolet light. UV protection helps you see your screen 2X sharper under the sun 30 day money back guarantee.

    – Lifetime replacement warranty for the life of your device.

    Installation Video