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Open A Mall Cart

Dear Prospective IPG Cart Owner:

Thank you for contacting us about our new Mall Cart Program. We are very excited to offer you this new business opportunity!

At IPG, our goal is to set the standards for excellent customer service. Our strengths are our knowledge and servicing our customers

If you're a self-starter and have always wanted to run your own business, this may be the program for you! We are looking for entrepreneurs who are serious about the future and capable of making their goals and dream a reality. Start-up costs are minimal compared to many other businesses on the market, and the rewards are outstanding. IPG is a low competition but a high demand industry-check it out yourself!

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General Questions

Please feel free to contact us for more information. You can reach our Business Development Manager at We're looking forward to hearing from you!

On any given day, 100% of the people in any mall in America are carrying electronic devices- iPhones®, Blackberries®, cameras, iPods® and at least 95% have more tablets, Kindles®, game systems, watches , game devises units. And these days, virtually everyone is concerned about protecting their electronic investments.

It's the ideal opportunity for an IPG Mall Cart!

IPG's products appeal to the whole spectrum of consumers:

Environment-conscious: Longer device life reduces e-waste and manufacturing pollution.

Budget-conscious: Resistance to external damage and longer device life reduce the need for expensive repairs or replacement-especially attractive to people with kids, salesmen, and people in rugged environments.

Style-conscious: The invisible film doesn't interfere with the appearance of the device, and keeps them looking great longer.

Open A Mall Cart

Gadget-conscious: We add to our line as fast as new products emerge in the marketplace. IPG is a patented nanotechnology film originally designed for the aerospace industry. Developed from state-of-the-art film protection technology for U.S Air Force and NASA, In IPG will keep your prized-possessions in perfect condition without adding the bulk of traditional cases. Our products are custom-designed to fit all the major electronics brands-and many you might not have thought of. And unlike some competitors' products, our Guards offers more complete coverage, never fogs, and won't yellow with age. We're so confident about the superior quality of our products, we offer a lifetime guarantee! With more than a million IPG sold worldwide and over 300 distribution points, we already have the infrastructure, experience, and customer service expertise in place to make your investment successful.

Here are some of the things you can expect with an IPG Mall Cart franchise:

A turnkey business; an enough amount of inventory will be included with our kiosk program Exclusive territorial rights to use the IPG name and sell Invisible Phone Guars products in your location.

"No perpetual franchise fees or percentages to pay"

Complete signage and cart display, including plasma television, DVD player for instruction videos, sales hardware and software, and complete signage custom designed for each cart, sales, management, and installation training to help you maximize your profits. A full marketing plan, including cooperative advertising consulting, discount cards.

Free after-purchase customer support via phone or e-mail Great margins, (500 %) the satisfaction of owning and running your own business, and much, much more! For more information, contact us at we look forward to doing business with you!

Step by step IPG installation instructions

For best results, please take some time to read the instructions before you install your IPG.

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