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Step by step Invisible Phone Guard (IPG™) installation instructions

For best results, please take some time to read the instructions before you install your IPG. The installation is simple, and the results are beautiful!

HELPFUL TIPS: For challenging tabs and flaps that wrap around the sides or over corners, we recommend first holding the tab or flap in place against the device using your palm (or thumb, for small pieces) until it is secure.

Once it feels secure, use a blow dryer on a LOW, COOL setting to dry the pieces into place. Ensure the small parts are as dry as possible before applying them. If they get too moist, let them dry for a few minutes before placing them on your device. This will make them tackier and easier to position correctly.

We recommend letting your device sit overnight before turning it back on (12-24 hours is suggested). This will give the IPG™ time to "set" properly, and allow any remaining water solution on your device to fully dry.


MYIPG installation

The device must be TURNED OFF

MYIPG installation

Wipe off device with dry IPG cloth

MYIPG installation

Prepare mixture of water and small amount of dishwashing detergent. Wet the finger tips

MYIPG installation

Peet the IPG from backing

MYIPG installation

Wet the adhesive side of the IPG piece with finger tips

MYIPG installation

Align IPG to the device

MYIPG installation

Use IPG installation card to squeegee out bubbles and water (away from the center towards the edges and away from any open ports)

MYIPG installation

Don’t forget to: Use your palm for the corners. Hold the device in your palm for 1-2 minutes


Our installers use a technique for securing problematic corners and edges called "palming." Begin by aligning the IPG in the correct position and removing as much of the excess moisture as possible. Then, apply pressure to the tabs and flaps by holding them against the palm of your hand for 30 seconds to 1 minute. This process may need to be repeated several times, but will help secure difficult pieces.


For the best possible results, wash your hands before beginning and perform the installation in a clean area. Make sure your device is clean and free of skin oils.


Alignment is one of the most important aspects to your IPG™ looking "perfect" once it is on the device, and we recommend checking where each piece goes prior to installation. Please check the product pages on our website, as many of our full body designs have coverage information for each individual design. If the IPG™ has multiple holes for buttons, we recommend aligning to the top first, then the sides, and finally the bottom. Check the overall alignment as carefully as possible prior to using the squeegee.

Use of a lamp

Using a lamp as a very low source of heat can help speed up the installation process, particularly for some of the more complex IPG™ designs. A lamp with an extendable arm, such as an office lamp, can be used to slightly heat the IPG and help it to adhere. WE DO NOT RECOMMEND LEAVING YOUR DEVICE UNDER HEAT FOR ANY EXTENDED PERIOD OF TIME, WHICH COULD DAMAGE THE ELECTRONICS.

Blow Dryer

A blow dryer is also very useful for corners, tabs, and edges when installing the IPG™. The best method is to put the blow dryer on the lowest and coolest setting, and use a side-to-side sweeping motion to dry the piece or section. If the blow dryer is on a warm or hot setting it can slightly warp the IPG™. If this does happen, discontinue using the blow dryer and the IPG™ should return to the proper shape in 10 to 15 minutes.

Installation Order

Installing the back piece(s) of a full body IPG first can be helpful if you have not done it before. Installation flaws on the back of a device may not be as significant or noticeable as they would on the screen, so you can use it as practice, or to better understand the installation process.

Step by step IPG installation instructions

For best results, please take some time to read the instructions before you install your IPG.

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