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Q- What is IPG?

A- IPG is a super durable scratch protection film that was originally created for the U.S. Air force to protect the fighter planes’ head lights from damage. Here at IPG we use that film to make custom designed shields to protect your electronic devices from scratches, scuffs, scrapes and much, much more.

Q – Does IPG made in U.S.A?

A – IPG operates in The USA and Europe “IPG use same military material U.S. Air Force uses it (Proudly made in the U.S.A) in companies both production plants.

Q – Does IPG have a Money-Back Guarantee?

A – Yes. IPG comes with a 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee. Click Here for details.

Q – Does IPG have a Lifetime Replacement Guarantee?

A – Yes. IPG is so strong and durable that we guarantee it for the life of your electronic device. Click Here for details.

Q - Does the “Full Body” option include the Screen Protector?

A - Yes

Q – Can IPG be removed?

A - Yes. IPGs are designed to stay in place and IPGs are removable. If you want to remove IPG just peel it off like a sticker. Start at a corner and slowly peel it off. IPGs will not leave any sticky residue if it is removed.

Q – Will IPG leave behind an adhesive residue if I take it off?

A - No. IPG will not leave any adhesive residue if you decide to take it off your electronic device.

Q – Will IPG make my screen blurry?

A - No.

Q - Do I really have to turn off my device for 12-24 hours?

A - Yes. We recommend that you leave your electronic device turned off for 3-4 hours after installation. This time gives the application solution time to dry-out so the IPGs will adhere to your electronic device.

Q - Will I need to cut IPG to fit my device?

A - No. We design each IPG to fit your device perfectly.

Q – Will IPG affect the sensitivity of touch screen devices?

A - No. Not at all. IPG will not affect the function or sensitivity of your touch screen device.

Q - Can I use IPG with a case?

A - Yes. IPG adds no bulk to your device so many cases will fit on your device even after you install IPG.

Q - Do you sell IPG in uncut bulk sheets?

A - No. We custom design IPGs to fit each specific device. If you device is not listed please email us using the Contact Us about making IPGs for you device.

Q - What if you don’t have IPG designed for my device?

A - Email us using our Contact Us and let us know what your device is and we will let you know if we have plans on making an IPG for it and when we can have it done.

Q - Do you offer combine shipping?

A - Yes we offer combine shipping orders up to 10.

Q - How long after I place my order will it takes to ship?

A – At IPG we strive to make sure you get your order quickly and efficiently. We ship Monday through Saturday. Most orders are shipped within 24 hours of when your order was placed but occasionally it may take up to 72 hours.

Q - How much will it cost to ship to my U.S. address?

A - If you order 1 IPG then “First Class Postal Mail” shipping is only $1.99 and Next Day Express Service is $19.90. If you order 2 IPG or more, than we combine your shipping both “First Class Postal Mail” and Next Day Express Service (up to 10 IPGs).

Q - How much will it cost to ship to my International address?

A - We use same domestic shipping policy for international orders also: If you order 1IPGs then “First Class Postal Mail” shipping is only $1.99 and Next Day Express Service is $19.90. If you order 2 IPG or more, than we combine your shipping both “First Class Postal Mail” and Next Day Express Service (up to 10 IPGs).

Q - Do you ship to APO / FPO addresses?

A - Yes.

Q - Do you ship to P.O. Box?

A - Yes

Q - Do you ship to my country?

A - Yes. We will ship to anywhere in the world.

Q: How do I apply IPG?

A - For detailed application instructions please visit our Application Instructions page.

Q - Do I get application solution to install with my IPG pack?

A - No. The application solution comes with the pack is just a marketing trick. This marketing approach to make feel consumer getting something special and makes you pay more for a tap water with 2-3 drops of mild liquid soap.

Q – Then what kind of application solution, should I use?

A - Simply mix 10 ounces of water with 2-3 drops of mild liquid soap. (Baby shampoo and dish washer liquid works best). It is not worth paying extra $10 for this.

Q - Should I clean my device before installing IPG?

A – Yes. Clean your device of all dust, dirt, oil and finger prints that may be on your device before installing IPG .IPG will not adhere properly if the device is not cleaned before installation.

Q – My IPG will not stick to the corners or other curved areas. What do I do?

A - If your IPG has trouble sticking to some corners or curved areas simply let the device sit with theI PG on it for 15-20 minutes and then try to stick them down. If they still do not want to stick down let the device sits for another 15-20 minutes and try it again. Repeat this process as needed. You may also “palm” the trouble spot. To palm the trouble spot let the device dry as described above and then simply hold the trouble spot in the palm of your had for 60 seconds. If it still does not stick let the device dry for another 15-20 minutes and try it again. Repeat this process as needed.

Q - If while installing I notice my IPG is aligned properly, can I remove and reinstall it?

A - If you notice it is not aligned properly within 5 minutes then you may remove it and reinstall it. If must remove it we recommend that you keep your fingers wet and peel it back slowly and carefully (DO NOT stretch it). After you get it off your device rewet it with application solution you prepared and install it on your device as before.

Q - When do I qualify for the Lifetime Replacement Guarantee?

A - You qualify for a Lifetime Replacement Guarantee if your IPG was damaged while it was protecting your electronic device.

Q - What does the Lifetime Replacement Guarantee not cover?

A - The Lifetime Replacement Guarantee does not cover installation errors. This includes but is not limited to incorrect alignment and bubbles under the IPG film. Please read and understand all installation instructions BEFORE you install yourI PG. Please note that our liability does not extend beyond our product.

Q - What do I do if I need a Replacement?

A – First you should register your IPG at Register Your Product. Please email us via our Contact Us page if you need a replacement for more detailed instructions on what to do.

Q - Will I have to pay anything to get a replacement?

A - You will be charged a minimal fee of $4.99 processing fee for each replacement.

Q - Will I have to send the damaged IPG back?

A - Yes. We must receive your damaged IPG back within 25 days of requesting your replacement. If we do not receive the damaged PG back within 25 days you will no longer be qualified to receive any future replacements.

Q - I cannot get my order to process. What should I do?

A - Please let us know about the problem by emailing us using our Contact Us page.

Q - What forms of payment to do you accept?

A - We accept the following forms of payment:



Master Card

American Express


Q - How do I set up a PayPal account?

A - Setting up a PayPal account is very easy and it’s FREE. Just go to and click on the “Sign Up” link. Then follow the on screen instructions.

Step by step IPG installation instructions

For best results, please take some time to read the instructions before you install your IPG.

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